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At the preparatory stage of forming a strategy to ensure access of new technologies to the market, it is necessary to study the current situation and choose the right strategy.


    We conduct market analysis by the method of organizing official requests into the regions and collecting statistics, assessment of the real volumes of funding for different nosologies, the criteria for choosing the purchased medical technologies, and the distribution of financing shares (federal, regional, etc.).

    We analyze the sequence of medical care to a patient, which starts from the point of entry into the system caused by the disease, until the patient is discharged from the hospital or outpatient care begins. This analysis is necessary for in-depth market research, understanding of financial flows and choosing the most effective way for the patient to access the necessary medication.

    We interview decision-makers to identify opportunities and obstacles for main stakeholders, ways to attain their needs and expectations, and build a map of influence with these features in mind.

    This type of survey allows not only to identify the necessary information from the "firsthand", but also to actualize the given topic among the target audience, create a certain opinion among the respondents, "diagnose" them for knowledge and attitude to the subject of research and form a pool of "agents of influence" among representatives Authorities and the medical community.

    The influence map is necessary for surveying the current situation, both at the federal and regional levels, building a rational strategy for promoting the product, and identifying "agents of influence" at various levels.

Today, access to the market is a technology that represents a separate direction in the work of companies that are manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medical products and conformed to certain regularities and have a certain scientific understanding.
This MA activity is based on the development, search and presentation of benefits data of proposed product, its value of the clinical, economic and social outcomes, analysis of the social significance of the disease.
Only an integrated, comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the presentation of data will allow company leaders to analyze the situation with the treatment of a particular disease more easily and accurately and to realize the advantages of the new development, its place, priority function, and limitations to use.
Promotion of the medicine or market access is not only the promotion of new technology, but also a help for health care system in the definition of its “niche.”
Basic research and development of evidence base:
– conducting pharmacoeconomic studies (cost-effectiveness analysis, cost analysis, impact analysis on the budget);
– creation of pharmacoeconomic models and their adaptation;
– creation of models for visualization of the results of pharmacoeconomic studies (Flash models);
– consulting services for development of evidence base and use of data research for produkt promoting.

– consulting and assistance in creating dossiers for new medicinal products for inclusion in restrictive lists (VED, ONLS, lists of regional benefits)
– medical products for their inclusion in recommendations, standards, lists for procurement.

Develop a unique strategy for product access to the market.
Based on existing financing channels, we develop for you a unique strategy that provides a systematic approach to obtaining financing for your technology, includes a detailed plan for all activities
At each stage, which contributes to effective promotion of the product at the federal and regional levels.

We provide an opportunity for a constructive dialogue between industry and state authorities, initiate discussion of current topics, search for solutions and compromises.


    Official events allow to form socio-political conditions for decision-making, prepare main stakeholders for them, and create a basis for negotiations with authorities.

    With the help of the Advisory Board, the company can get competent and current opinions on the assessment of a particular problem, information from unofficial sources, the prospects for the development of an industry or segment, and on the basis of it, build a rational strategy for promoting its product.

    Using the method of the strategic planning, we organize a productive exchange of opinions, finding solutions and informing the participants of the meetings (30-80 people of different levels of training, qualification, specialization, occupying different positions on the side of the goverment, the scientific community and industry of the actual problem). Depending on the event targets and its characteristics, MAC experts and psychologists-moderators carefully plan the work of the groups and build the structure of the event, in which all elements are connected and support each other.

    We are sure that at present the patient organizations are becoming an increasingly important subject of socio-political processes and are increasingly expressing themselves as a full participant in the dialogue with the medical community and goverment on the development of the health care system. This is not only work with patients, but also education on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, with an emphasis on the responsibility of patients themselves for adherence to prescribed treatment, as well as psychological and social support for patients and their relatives. This is the protection of rights and the representation of the interests of patients in public authorities and in medical institutions (including the collection and transmission of complaints about violations of patients' rights), communication to the community of the needs and problems of its members.

    Involving experts and employees of relevant departments (former and current), we develop proposals for regional health development programs, as well as carry out an inspection of already developed projects. In the program, we determine the goals, targets, main health care development activities in the region, financial support and mechanisms for implementing the envisaged activities, main indicators of their effectiveness and effectiveness.

    We develop and conduct a strategic session, through which we seek to develop unique arguments at the stage of product promotion, the formation of loyalty and the construction of a competent, grounded strategy.

    Through joint activities of the employees of the companies, that differ from each other with the experience, knowledge, vision of the near future, we create the necessary conditions and competencies for the synergistic effect - "qualitative multiplication of knowledge".
    The course of discussion during the search for ways to solve the task is given by a special energy of creativity. Benevolent environment allows participants to learn the skills of criticism on the merits, learn how to improvise, and also strengthens the positive attitude and trust in the company.
    Your timely investments at an early stage of strategy planning increase its effectiveness and prevent inefficient spending.

We want to emphasize that the technology of access to the market is not only the preparation of evidence base, lobbying and the use of GR-tools. PR-technologies (public relations) are not with lower importance, which is often underestimated when organizing the promotion of new technologies to the market. We build effective and profitable business communications with the public, authorities and the media. In our database of contacts more than 2000 journalists of federal and regional, printed and online publications, TV and radio.
PR support services include:
– Subscriber PR-service;
– organization of press events;
– training in public relations and marketing;
– PR-audit;
– information campaigns in the media;
– formation of corporate image.

We offer a new product that will become your navigator in the world of information – “Monitoring of public policy and regulatory and legal regulation in the field of health care and the pharmaceutical industry”, which includes:


    It highlights the daily activities of public authorities, directly or indirectly related to public policy in the field of health and drug provision, as well as the activities of professional and public organizations.

    Thematic blocks:
    • Political and economic situation
    • Regulatory and legal regulation of health care
    • State strategy on import substitution
    • Focus on therapeutic directions and selected groups of drugs
    • The Eurasian Economic Union (EEMA)
    • Other trends in the pharmaceutical industry

    Terms of granting
    • Covers the period from 00.00 hours to 24.00 hours of the current day
    • Available daily at 10 am the following day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday are provided on Monday)

    • Russian, is provided in Word format with hyperlinks and attached files.

    It allows to summarize and analyze the information accumulated during the week, to monitor and evaluate current and newly formed trends and trends in regulatory policy and stakeholder activity.

    Thematic blocks:
    • Political and economic situation
    • Regulatory and legal regulation of health care
    • Regulatory legal regulation of the pharmaceutical industry

    Term of granting:
    • Monday 10 am for the previous week (from Saturday to Friday inclusive)

    • Weekly review in Russian, provided in Word format with hyperlinks and attached files.
    • Brief (brief description of the weekly review) in English.

    It gives an opportunity to obtain additional arguments necessary for making decisions. Includes a comprehensive analysis of any of the key areas of regulation.

    Term of granting
    • Upon prior request (at least 3 days) of the Customer
    • There are no more than 2 analytical reports per month

    The analytical report in Russian is provided in Word format with hyperlinks and attached files.
    • Brief (brief description of the analytical report) in English.
    If you buy all the services at a time you get a discount.

For 10 years we have been conducting educational training on Market Access, which has already been visited by more than 800 employees of various companies.
The purpose of the training is to train effective tools for access of medical technologies to the market of state financing.
Contents of the main training blocks
1. Modern view on the main health problems: the state and prospects.
2. “State program: Health Development 2015-2020”.
3. Lists, procedures and standards of medical care: their role in the changing health care system, problems of application. The system of financing and instruments for regulating medicine supply in the Russian Federation.
4. Compulsory medical insurance. Transition to single-channel financing.
5. Market Access
6. Regional Market Access.
7. Basics of ethical lobbying.
8. The main provisions of the CSG in the Russian Federation. Opportunities and risks for advancing new technologies.
9. Pharmacoeconomics.
10. Ethical lobbying.
11. Analysis of cases.

Seminars for health organizers allow participants to familiarize participants with the principles of CSG formation, can teach how to determine opportunities to reduce costs or increase efficiency when using a new treatment technology by a medical organization, allow you to assess the impact on the size of tariffs when providing medical care. Also, participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the method of promotion of medical technology in the MHI system and develop arguments for its promotion.
The main topics of the seminars:
1. Introduction to technology assessment in health care
2. Introduction to clinical and economic analysis. Basic Methods
3. Use of the results of pharmacoeconomic analysis to justify the use of technologies in health care
4. Examination of materials on the clinical effectiveness and safety of health technologies based on the principles of evidence-based medicine. Statistical support of clinical trials
5. From medical-economic standards to clinical-static groups
6. Treatment of original drugs and generics / biopreparation and bio-analogues
7. The concept of “Risk-sharing” and the possibility of its application in the Russian Federation
8. Current state and perspectives of the development of the CSG system in the Russian Federation
9. Possibilities for changing the size of tariffs in the CSG system